PizzaPi: A smart pizza box that tells you where it is

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In the Neal Stephenson novel Snow Crash, CosaNostra Pizza uses advanced automation to help its drivers deliver their pizzas on time. Tiny microprocessors embedded onto the pizza boxes tell the robotic “Deliverators” the optimal travel route, while LED readouts displayed on the side of each pizza box display how many minutes have passed since the order was first placed.



In what may be one of the best uses for advanced technology ever, element14 member Margot Paez is taking the “Pi” in Raspberry Pi literally with her own PizzaPi. It’s an Internet-connected pizza box that tracks changes in heat and shape that occur when a pizza is en route to its destination.



Margot has high hopes for Pizza Pi. The device will not only measure internal temperature and know exactly when a pizza is no longer upright in the box, but will also send that information to the driver’s smartphone and customer’s computer for real-time delivery updates.

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